by cerebral scrub

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released December 27, 2013



all rights reserved


cerebral scrub Toronto, Ontario

Dirty fast fuck shit up 90s skate punk from Toronto. fox/drums neven/bass jacob/guitar

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Track Name: Crustie Custies
Crustie Custies

4 More minutes till I can close up shop
Till I can go home hit the couch and smoke pot
Just my shitty luck
A customer walks in like some cock I'm forced to suck

Naturally they take their sweet ass time
No courtesy, just sit around and flick vagines
How devine it is to live so fancy free
Just hurry up and eat so I can fucking leave

These are the perks, the perks of life
When you're at work & money's tight
The customer is always right
I need some percs!

It's half past and these fuckers still wont leave
Customer service will be the death of me
Cause I know if I see one more custie
I swear to fucking Sagan I'll take a swig of bleach

The world's your oyster, at least that's what you think
But oysters have that tendency to stink
Like a twat that's hardly ever washed
Some times you gotta clean your attitude before it rots.
Track Name: Fecal Spit
Fecal Spit

You try to flush me down
But I just stick around
Embarrass you in front of all your peers

You try to leave the house
But deep inside your bowels
Im fucking your shit up quite something fierce

But I cant help it
Im just a piece of shit
I know not what I do
Im a bi product of you

I cant help it
The fecal that I spit
Cause you are what you eat
Just a piece of shit like me

That deep fried shit you ate
You're drinking whiskey straight
Tomorrow morning you're bound to pay the toll

In your digestive tract
I'm plotting my attack
Im guaranteed to prolapse your asshole