by cerebral scrub

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released January 16, 2014



all rights reserved


cerebral scrub Toronto, Ontario

Dirty fast fuck shit up 90s skate punk from Toronto. fox/drums neven/bass jacob/guitar

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Track Name: Crotchman Turner Overcrotch
Crotchman Turner Overcrotch

You're bound to catch an S.T.D
Opening your gash to any penis that it sees
Getting by on sluttery can only last so long
Pretty soon you'll feel the shame start seeping through your thong

There's too much make up on your face
You're all caked up and bathing in your promiscuous ways
Chewing morning after pills like every other day
40 bucks might etch a sketch those fetuses away, but...

You ain't seen nothing yet
buh buh buh baby
Fuckin' aint seen nothing yet
You hurtin' broads have fuckin
Aint seen nothing yet
That shit will catch up to you
Aint seen nothing yet

Yeah, you're getting black out drunk
And going home with any bro that fills your hole with spunk
Blame it on pop culture or the alcohol you drink
But blaming shit does not get rid of chlamydia stink
Track Name: Regards To The Chef
Pour that liquid down your throat
It cant be safe
But what you don't know can't hurt you

Business men don't give a shit
The money they get
Compensates for the guilt they hold on to

Why do you always ignore
That little voice in the back of your head, maybe its right
Maybe the truth is it's smarter than you
You're only offended because you can't comprehend it

Open up that bottle - Pour the liquid down the sink
You don't need it anymore
You have your own brain - you can think
Well, what the label tells you is a filthy dirty lie
And those filthy dirty liars make a living of your life