Edward Penishands! (demo)

by cerebral scrub

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This is a demo for an upcoming album we're working on.. we decided to record it very shitty & quick AND put up for free so you fuckers can check out our new shit if your into that kind of derp. derp.


released November 5, 2012

Recorded/produced/mastered/ejaculated by Cerebral Scrub in October 2012. Released on unknownrecords / endsmeatlabel



all rights reserved


cerebral scrub Toronto, Ontario

Dirty fast fuck shit up 90s skate punk from Toronto. fox/drums neven/bass jacob/guitar

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Track Name: Pipe Dream!
Remember the shit back in the day?
Looking for parking lots to skate.
Getting kicked out every place.
Got no job, just time to waste!

Peeling your brains off the concrete!
Cerebral fucking stains on the concrete!
Four wheels, A fuckin board on the concrete!
Skate to the fucking core on the concrete!

That sweet nostalgic pavement taste...
When acid droppin on your face.
Now im old and out of shape.
My youth and drive have gone away!
Track Name: Coitus Mongoloidus
Im the kid with head lice in your child's class.
Im not staying home today, YOU CAN EAT MY FILTHY ASS!
Im not gonna show, I refuse to use shampoo!
Gonna spread my bug to everyone and they'll bring it home to you!

Coitus Monogoloidus!
Im a product of...

Im the kid that's pissing in the public pool
Im not getting out... I just let my penis drool!
Gonna splash my bladder in the face of every kid
That colored shit that detects piss is all a fucking myth!
Track Name: Foreskin Maxi Pad
Like a foreskin.... coagulating crud!
Like a maxi pad... filling up with blood!

I like to be absorbed by you!
You filthy whore you know it's true!

Orange listerine.... In a homeless person's cup!
Like a diaper all.... all fecally filled up!
Track Name: Slaying Nug / Break The Hymen!
Slaying Nug

Let me be frank with you, there's nothing I want to do.
Don't wanna work I dont wanna be ... any crust of society!
I'll sit around in my own filth, and I wont feel any guilt..
Cause im just trapped I never chose to be ... any crust of society!

There's no way to succeed in life financially making only ends meet.
To get by you gotta find a way to cheat, slaying nug!

We're all just slaves to a bank account
Our money's got us fucking bent around
Fucked in the ass until we're tasting brown
And treated like a fucking syndrome down

If time is money how can you define
a shitty wage to represent my time
Cause time is something man cant comprehend
And money just represents the greed of man

Break The Hymen!

I wanna break, break the hymen!

This worlds full of restrictions depriving me of pleasure
I just wanna stick my dick in any hole that dont know better
Virginity is secret, thats why I want to break it
Your thick protective membrane ... Im the one whos gonna break it!

This worlds full of vagina, we need them to exist
But I dont need the kind of ones that give me too much lip
There's over 25 diseases that are sexually transmitted
So all the used up old vaginas are the ones my cock prohibits!