by cerebral scrub

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Yet another FREE shitty demo we recorded ourselves


released November 25, 2013



all rights reserved


cerebral scrub Toronto, Ontario

Dirty fast fuck shit up 90s skate punk from Toronto. fox/drums neven/bass jacob/guitar

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Track Name: GingivitASS
There's a horrible taste in my mouth
And no substance can get that taste out
It keeps getting worse with my lack of concern
It's the taste of neglect for my health

And there's no one but me left to blame
For the shit that I shove in my brain
Out of sight - Out of mind makes me wish I was blind
As I watch my health go down the drain

And the future looks extremely bright for me
My future looks extremely bright...
20 something years old and I'm already sold
On the fact that my future looks kief

And I drank myself 4 grand in debt
And I keep drinking more to forget
That my habits have raped my financial state
As well as my will to regret
Track Name: Carl Saganism
Carl fucking Sagan!

The universe is fucked up
It's constantly expanding
And we're all fucking star stuff in the eyes of Carl Sagan
Our pointless little lives are so routine and demanding
But I'm too stoned to care!

Our feeble little minds are so easily distracted
My cars and food and families
And bills and fucking taxes
Materialism, Consumerism, keeping up with the masses
Yet I'm too stoned to care!

Well the cosmos loves me this i know
Cause Carl Sagan tells me so
So lets smoke up and get all stoned
And contemplate the great unknown

Why do we even exist?
Our lives are small and meaningless
In a universe so infinite
Yet we all think our stink don't shit

Our shit don't stink, Our minds wont think at all!